Blitz Throttle Controller - 10411
Blitz Throttle Controller - 10411
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Blitz Throttle Controller - 10411

The Blitz throttle controller enables alteration of the electronic throttle controller on many newer vehicles. Through 4 different modes ranging from Economy to Sport the reaction of the accelerator pedal can be altered to suit economy or performance.

Economy Mode
Designed to provide smooth throttle response for street driving providing greater fuel efficiency

SP 1
Throttle is opened greater at lower revs compared to standard, providing faster low down acceleration but with no modification once the revs increase.

SP 2
The throttle is opened at twice the rate of standard acceleration, designed for sport driving and circuit use.

SP 3
Extreme sport and circuit use, the throttle is opened at four times the standard accelerator action.


2006-2009 Lexus IS250
2006-2009 Lexus IS350
2006-2009 Lexus IS F
2007-2009 Lexus LS460
2004-2006 Lexus LS430
2002-2008 Lexus SC430
2004-2009 Lexus RX330

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